Niclas Etelävuori

¿Who are you?

Niclas: Flat Earth is a rock band from Helsinki, Finland founded in 2017 after I left Amorphis and HIM broke up. We done one album “None for One” (2018) and the follow up is coming our soon.

¿What additional talents to music do you have and how do you combine them with it?

Niclas: I do a lot of things with computers and nowadays you need to computers to get the music done too so it all goes well hand in hand. I try to exercise both sides of my brain, it keeps me in balance.

¿What does Flat Earth inspire you?

Niclas: When we founded this band there was a lot of Flat Earth stuff going on, the rocket man etc. Some people are really risking their life for it. I find it very interesting that no matter how far science is people still believe in it. It’s funny and alarming in the same time and that is always inspiring.

¿Do you think Flat Earth can survive in this time of pandemic?

Niclas: Yes, even though all our plans went into the garbage. All we can do is lay low and see what happens, I hope next year things start to normalize. We had to postpone our tour once already and now we have to do it again. I hope there’s no third time for that.

¿Are you afraid that live performances will not come back with as many viewers as before?

Niclas: Yes, I guess all we can do is wait for a vaccine. I don’t think people feel safe to go to big concerts before there’s a vaccine or cure. We have shows in Finland now but they are all very restricted. We will have our first show this year this Friday so then we know what it’s like.

¿What plans come for the post-pandemic Flat Earth?

Niclas: We are currently trying to re-book our shows in UK and Germany, they won’t probably happen until next autumn. We have our 2nd album ready just waiting for release but that got postponed too so we are all waiting to get that out.

Is this a moment of light or darkness for art and for music in the world?

Niclas: For performing it’s total darkness now but then again a lot of creators are creating now so I want to believe that something positive and good comes out of it. Let’s hope this goes by, not only for the performers but also the venues and other workers in the business. We still need the places to perform in after all this is over.

¿Art, Science or Essence?

Niclas: You need essence in art and science so I would say that’s the most important thing in everything. Without essence things become pointless.

¿Is the earth flat or are the minds of some generations flat?

Niclas: It’s all in the mind. If you want to believe in something things might turn into that for you even others might see it differently. I think in general a lot of peoples minds have gone flat. We are fed so much false news and other crap that you really have to focus on being on top of all that even though it might be hard if you are in a place where that’s all the information you get.

¿What message do you want to convey about our theme: Fear and Darkness?

Niclas: To all the readers of Fear and Darkness I would like to say that stay positive even in darkness, don’t be afraid. Do what you can with what you got, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

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