Gabriel Dishaw

Born in Bay City, Michigan, Gabriel was raised in the country side of Midland, Michigan. Through his career, he has moved to many cities, from Detroit to the East Coast, Baltimore, New York, and now residing in the Suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana. At a young age, Gabriel was an artistic individual who advanced in art. He discovered his medium through a 9th grade art challenge by his teacher. The art teacher at the time wrote 30 ideas, one of the idea was “Junk Art”.

As it stood out to Gabriel, he had no idea what the meaning of Junk Art is. As he researched how he can define Junk Art, Gabriel went into his dad’s garage, and began to tinker. In his journey of research and scavenging the materials his dad had in the garage, the idea of Junk Art to Gabriel began to spark and define in his mind as something 3-dimensional, mechanical, and a material that can be re-purposed in place of disposing it into a landfill. At that moment, the birth of Junk Art for Gabriel became the art of re-purposing mechanical waste and e-waste that will transform into a statement piece.

Beyond being inspired by iconic characters, what led you to make these masks?

I am a huge fan of comics and video games. Growing up, these characters inspired my passion to recreate the mask in my own vision.

What do you consider to be your greatest contribution to society and / or the planet based on your Talent and what you do?

My greatest contribution is the ability to upcycle e-waste, repurpose it for someone to enjoy. Instead of contributing to landfill, I am able to reimagine the waste to something that brings excitement and joy, as well as reliving childhood memories.

Do you develop masks for people to connect with something special, with themselves, to express themselves? What is your main purpose?

I create the mask for people who like myself enjoy the comic and gaming universe. Like I said before, this brings back childhood memories and fantasy to life. I hope my art continues to connect with people from one generation to another.

What are your 3 favorite heroes and the 3 worst villains in today’s society?

Heroes: Mandalorian, Iron Man, Luke Skywalker Villains: Thanos, Palpatine, Joker

What are those attributes as an artist that make you a hero?

I wouldn’t say that it makes me a hero, but I create a platform in hopes that it inspire others to create art and bring out their passion. Also as an artist, my hope is that people can see my art and it spark excitement, happiness, and memories.


Triborg Smoke

Upcycled Air Jordan

Goy Challa Two

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